The Planetside view is where you interact with the various Planets and Factions of the system.  Here you can:

  • buy/sell raw materials.
  • Allow your AP crew to relax and take a vacation.
  • Take on a new mission
  • Complete a mission
  • Check the recent news and find out what planets are selling cheap and which planets are buying high.
  • Check the Game and Commander status.
  • Purchase specialty items.
Buy and Sell Raw Materials

Money helps, it never hurts. Trade raw materials or purchase a planets specialty item.

At the bottom left of the screen there are buttons that allow you to enter the buy / sell popup view.  From there, you can select a quantity to buy or sell, or you can select the “Buy All” or  “Sell All” button.

Do yourself a favor.  You can make extra money between planets by purchasing raw materials at a low price, and selling them at another planet at a high price.

Buy and Sell Specialty Items

Each Planet sells a specialty item.  There is one specialty item button in the buy/sell area ( the last button on the right, bigger than all of the other buttons ).  These are usually finished goods that your AP crew could manufacture.  However, if you have other priorities for them, you can purchase these items instead of taking the time to create them yourself from raw materials.  If you happen to have spare items in your cargo hold.  You can sell them to planets that deal in that particular cargo.  You don’t get full price for them, but it’s better than having them take up space.


Not every planet offers the opportunity to relax.  Planets that are under attack and Mining planets specifically do not enable your crew to take time to relax and take in the sights.  However, some planets entire economies are based on the pleasure and relaxation of visitors.  It is at these planets that your AP vacations will cost the least.

You can only send one of your crew on Vacation at a time. Choose the one that needs it most.

Pressing the Vacation button ( Center Bottom, next to the buy / sell buttons ), gives you the selection screen where you can select which of your AP crew will be taking some time off ship.  As a rule, they tend to send a postcard back from wherever they go, sometimes even from a virtual location.

Now THAT is a game feature !

Once an AP has had a vacation, they are instantly refreshed and their abilities are maxed out.

Not every planet gives you Missions, and Planets that are at War don’t offer the chance for a Vacation.


Special missions are offered on some planets.  For the most part, you can engage in these missions in order to help one faction or another take over a planet.  This is an important activity as it enables you to help prevent any particular faction from gaining too many planets.   Once a faction takes over a set number of planets, the game is over.  Missions generally only demand that you make a delivery to one planet or another.  Once these deliveries are made, it gives the attacking planet a great advantage in the upcoming battle.

Cortex News

Checking the latest News is not mandatory.  However, the news will give you insight into which planets to visit to sell your goods at a high price, or which planets to visit to pick up some cheap materials.  Also, as Planets battle, the winners and losers are announced via the Cortex News service.