The Nav Chart is where you select your ships destination.  From here you can also view the star system as a whole and get valuable information about the Planets and Asteroids of the system.

There are 3 sections in this help topic.  Nav Chart, Buttons and Advice.

Nav Chart

Use this screen to select your ships destination. Use the details to determine which Planet or Asteroid is your best bet to make some money.

The Nav Chart shows you all of the Planets and Asteroids in the system. The Nav Chart only shows you a portion of the entire system.  You can scroll the view around in order to see other areas.  

Planets – The Planets are the larger dots. The Asteroids appear much smaller.

Your Ship – The Nav Chart also shows the locateion of your ship in the system.  The BLUE button at the top right of the Nav Chart will bring your ship into view on the Nav Chart.  Your ship is denoted by a GREEN DOT surrounded by a GREEN square.

Selecting your destination

Whenever you touch the Nav Chart, the chart will select and display information about the Planet or Asteroid closest to where you touched.  This will now be your ships current destination.  It will be circled in red and you will see a green dotted line connecting your ship to your current destination.

Additional information – Other information can be viewed on the Nav chart under certain circumstances.

1. Planets at War – If one planet is attacking another, you will see the Attacking planet has a circle of yellow around it and the defending planet will have a circle of red around it.  The two planets will have an orange line stretching between them.

2. Mission Planet – If you’ve accepted a mission, the Mission Destination will be highlighted with an Orange Circle.  A blue dotted line will be connecting your ship and the Mission destination planet.  NOTE: Just because you have a mission, that does NOT automatically make that destination your current destination.  You can travel to any destination you wish.  The Nav chart only shows you where your Mission is.

3. Home Base – If you’ve created an Asteroid Base, it will show in the Navigation View with a Green Circle around it.

Selected Planet Info – When you select a planet, the planets details will be shown in a view on the right.  If you select an Asteroid that you have previously visited, you can review the Geological ratings for that Asteroid.  This will help you to know what materials you are likely to gather when mining on that Asteroid.


Show ship button – Blue button at the top right corner of the Nav Chart.  Pressing this button will auto scroll the Nav Chart so that your ship is shown in the view.  Your ship is the GREEN dot with the GREEN Square.

Show Mission Destination button – Red button to the LEFT of the Show Ship Button.  This button ONLY shows when you have a mission.  Pressing this button will auto scroll the Nav Chart so that your Mission Destination is shown in the view.

Exit button (Top Right) – Pressing this button exits the Nav Chart View.


Where you choose to go should be influenced by your current goals.

-If you need raw materials, you will want to visit an Asteroid so that you can do some mining.  

-If you have a Mission, you may want to travel to that destination directly, or maybe swing by an Asteroid that is on the way to get some extra stuff.

-If you are looking for a fight, Criminal Planets and Reaver Planets are a good bet.

-If you are looking to avoid a fight, Core planets are less likely to have Pirate raiders nearby.

-Don’t travel too far.  If you run out of fuel, you are in big trouble.  

-Keep an eye out for the perfect Asteroid Base.  Your base can eventually be upgraded to provide repair and relaxation which is a great benefit.  A more centrally located Base means you don’t have to travel as far to take advantage of its benefits.