HELP – Mining Asteroids

Mining is an ART, not a Science.  Experience will make you better.

The Mining Mule Console is your command center for mining operations.  Mining Operations give you all of the raw materials you need to craft items that will maintain and upgrade your ship.  In addition, the materials you mine can be used to build improvements to your Asteroid Base.  Excess materials can be sold on planets.

Orbiting an Asteroid with ONE Mining site. Remember, up to 3 sites can be available per Asteroid at any one time.

Mining requires a finesse of timing.  Your mining mule does all of the work, but you have to land it as close as possible to the location you want it to mine.  The closer you land the MULE to the Mining Site selected, the more raw materials it will generate.

There are 3 sections in this help topic.  Console Views, Buttons and HOW TO MINE.

Console Views

The Mule Status View  ( Left side Bottom )- Here you can see the status of the Mining Mule.  The most important item here is your “X velocity”.  Your Mining Mule always orbits at an altitude of 2500 pu, but the speed of the orbit varies Asteroid by Asteroid.  The higher your “X velocity” the farther away from the mining site you need to be when you DROP.  Once you DROP the Mining Mule, you are out of control and have to just wait and see how close you made it to the mining site.

Mining Sites Data  ( Center Right at the Top )- Each Asteroid has up to 3 current mining sites.  If an Asteroid has no mining sites, you will not be able to drop your Mining Mule.

The Mining Site Status View shows you information about your currently selected mining site and below that, it shows range information for all available mining sites.

The Silver triangle button on the far right will switch the upper view between the various mining sites so that you can see the various concentrations of materials for each site.

Mining site range information is color coded.  As your Mining Mule travels in orbit, the Range displays for each mining site will change color.

Dark Gray – Completely out of range.

Gray – Too far to be able to gather any materials, but you are getting close to the mining site.

Red – Your Mining Mule might be able to find some usable material, but only a very little.

Orange – Your Mining Mule will be able to get a minimum amount of usable material.

Yellow – Your Mining Mule will generate a below average amount of usable materials.

Green – Your Mule will get an average amount of usable material.

Light Blue – Your Mule will generate a MAXIMUM amount of material for this mining site.

Retro Fuel Display  ( Far Right side of the Console)- Your Mining MULE burns Retro Fuel when it makes it’s landing.  You can see the retro fuel display bar slowly drop as retro fuel is consumed.  If your Mining MULE is dropping and runs out of fuel, it will crash and you will need to create a new Mining MULE before you can do any more mining.


DROP Button  ( Right side Center Bottom )- This is the button that releases the Mining Mule in preparation for landing.  This is the button that will have to be pressed at just the right time, so that your MULE will land as close to the mining site as possible.  Check the Advice Section for tips on how to hit the mining spot dead on.

Site Selection Button  ( Silver button just under the Site Details View.  With triangle on it ) – This button selects the mining site your Mining MULE will attempt to mine.  It is VERY important that you select the site that you are trying to Land on.  You can tell which site is selected by the label at the top right of the Mining Sites Data view.  It will tell you which site is currently selected for your Mining MULE to mine.

Abort Orbit and Mining Button  ( Right side Center )- The Abort button is generally used when the captain realizes that there isn’t enough retro fuel to make a drop.  Hitting this button takes you back to the cockpit of the ship.

Refuel Mule  ( Right side Center )- If you have Retro Fuel in your cargo hold, you can refuel your Mining Mule and prevent a nasty crash due to lack thereof.  Always keep some extra on hand it you can.

The Abort and Refuel buttons

CREATE BASE Button  ( Left side Bottom )- One of the most important buttons in the game and it is Normally NOT Visible.  The CREATE BASE Button is only visible on the Mining console when you have an Asteroid Base in your cargo hold.  You use this button to drop your BASE Creation robot on the asteroid you are currently orbiting.  This sets up your base and takes you to your base management view.  You only get to use this ONCE, so choose your asteroid wisely.


Mining Steps:

Step 1: Select which mining site you are going to attempt to land near. There may only be one site. If so, you obviously won’t need to choose.

Step 2: Check your X Velocity so that you can judge how early to drop.  The faster you are going, the earlier you need to drop. 

Step 3: Decide at what range from the selected mining site you are going to hit the drop button. This is called the “Drop Range”.  For example if you are traveling at 140 pu/s you can decide to drop at a range of 200 pu.

Step 4: Watch the range indicator and press the drop button when you hit the drop Range.

If you overshoot your target, you can wait until you pass the dark side of the Asteroid and make another run at the same site.

Mining is a matter of experience.  An experienced Miner can drop a MULE within 10km of a mining site nearly every time.  How ?  Take note of your “X velocity” and the range to the Mining site you are attempting to land on.  Every time you drop, make adjustments based on your previous drops and soon you’ll have a very good idea of when to drop based on your “X velocity”.

One example: At an “X velocity” of 90 pu/s, you would drop at a range of 75 pu.  By the time your Mining MULE makes it to the surface, you will be right on top of the site.  

Another example would be, at an “X velocity” of 170, drop at a range of 300.

Use these as starting points and build on them.  In time, you will be able to judge a good drop and get the most from your mining operations.

Hit your mining site close enough and your Cargo hold will fill with valuable resources.

Once you land your Mining Mule, it will automatically transfer mined materials to your cargo hold.  Once mining operations are completed, you can close the Mining Status View and be returned to your spaceships cockpit.