The combat screen. Here you engage in combat, or run for your life. Either way, you have to learn how to fly this thing !

Combat Help is broken down into the following sections:

1. The 3D radar explained

2. Flying your ship.

3. Radar Levels

4. Target Information

5. Your ships status

6. Turbos

7. Surviving Combat

8. Collecting Dropped Cargo

8. Tactics


The 3D Radar Explained

The 3D radar is a device that shows all objects in space around your ship.  In order to do this, the 3D radar employs height lines attached to the radar dots that represent other ships.  In this way the commander can, at a glance, determine exactly where another ship is in relation to your ship.

To see how this works, take a look at FIGURE ONE below.

An example of the combat view with annotations that should help to explain what you are seeing.

This image shows the Radar View (level three) with a group of ships in the radar view.  Notice 4 orange lines on the left stretching down from the Radar disk to the individual dots that represent the cargo ships.  What the lines indicate, is that these ships are below your ship.

Another ship ( The pirate ) has a line stretching from the radar disk UP to the radar dot representing the pirate ship.  This indicates that the pirate ship is ABOVE your ship.

The group of Cargo Ships are to your left and slightly below you.  The Pirate ship is ahead of you and slightly to your left and high above you.

This can be a little confusing at first, but as you use the radar, you will soon be able to asses your tactical situation at a glance by being able to see were everything is at once.

Flying your ship

Master these controls, and you’ll be one step closer to mastering your fate.

Your ship has 5 controls that are used to move your ship through space.

Pitch Up – Gray semi transparent UP Arrows (one on each side of the screen).

Pitch Down – Gray semi transparent DOWN Arrows (one on each side of the screen).

Roll Left – Gray Semi Circular Arrow on the LEFT side of the screen.

Roll Right – Gray Semi Circular Arrow on the RIGHT side of the screen.

Engine Speed Setting – Thin Yellow Line on the Engine Speed Bar at the bottom right of the screen.

Set your speed by just touching the speed bar. Based on your engine level, you’ll only be able to accelerate so far.

SETTING SPEED – To set the speed of your ship, simply touch the speed bar at the bottom right of the screen.  Wherever you touch is where the new setting will be.  If your attempt to set your engine above its Maximum Speed, the engine setting will be set to the Maximum for your current engine.

Important NOTE: The faster your ship is moving, the more energy it will drain from your generator.  It is possible to set your ship to a speed that drains all of your generators energy if your generator level is not high enough.  Be careful when setting your engine speed and keep an eye on your energy level.

PITCHING – When you pitch up you are effectively raising the nose of your ship upward.  If you hold the pitch UP long enough, you will do a complete 360 degree flip in space.

Remember, the 3D radar ALWAYS has your ship in the center, and locked in a forward pointing aspect.

Therefore, when pitching UP, ships in front of you will appear to move downward on the 3D radar.  Think of it this way.  If you are flying in a plane and there is a cloud ahead of you, and you were to pull the stick back on the plane, the cloud would appear to move down in your planes window.

When pitching your ship DOWN, ships in front of you will appear to move up on the 3D radar.

ROLLING – When you roll your ship to the right, other ships on the 3D radar will appear to move in a counter clockwise direction.  When you roll your ship to the left, other ships on the 3D radar will appear to move in a clockwise direction.

Maneuvering Jets Upgrades

When in combat, a great advantage can be gained by being able to turn your ship quickly.  You can level up your Maneuvering thrusters which will cause your ship to Pitch and Roll much more quickly.  Remember, a sluggish ship is dangerous in combat.

How to point your ship toward another ship:

1. Roll your ship until the target ship is above you and centered on the center line of the 3D radar.

2. Pitch your ship UP until the target ships height line is at it’s smallest, or disappears altogether.

You should now be pointing directly at the ship you were targeting and if your engine is running, you will be moving toward that ship.

How to point your ship away from another ship:

1. Roll your ship until the target ship is above you and centered on the center line of the 3D radar.

2. Pitch your ship DOWN until the target ships height line is at it’s smallest, or disappears altogether.

You should now be pointing directly away from the ship you were targeting.  If your engine is running, you will be moving away from that ship.

Radar Levels

The 3D radar has 5 levels.  Emergency mode is Level 1.  Higher levels add important features that can give you a great advantage in combat.  The Radar Levels are described below:

Radar Level 1 ( Emergency Mode ) – Basic functionality.  No color coding and Target Display shows only the most basic information.

Radar Level 2 – The 3D radar includes Grid Lines in order to help you visually gauge distance.

Radar Level 3 – Radar includes Friend from Foe color coding to help you determine which ships are hostile and what objects are Cargo Containers.

Radar Level 4 – Enhanced Target Information.  Allowing you to see detailed information regarding the Targets energy levels and Shield levels.

Radar Level 5 – Radar ZOOM – Allows you to zoom the 3D radar up to x3.  This is extremely helpful in combat and especially helpful for maneuvering to pick up dropped cargo.

Target Information

This is the most basic Target info. Advanced Radar levels give you much more detailed information and can even tell you what a cargo canister contains.

Depending on your Radar Upgrade Level, the Target Information Display will show various information on your currently targeted object. Lower levels only show that the object is a ship, its range and the energy level of the target.

Upgraded Radar systems include detailed information regarding the Targets shields, the type of ship, and it’s energy levels.


When a Targets energy level falls below zero, the target is destroyed.  However, you must remember that the target has shields and with low level radar systems you may not see the target lose energy level until after a few shots have been fired.

Your Ships Status

It is imperative that you keep track of your ships status during combat.  You can primarily do this with the Energy / Shields display and the Speed display.  Both of these displays are at the bottom of the screen.

The Energy Display

On the left you can see the Energy Display. This display has yellow bars that indicate the current level of your forward and aft shields.  It also has blue bars that indicate your generators current energy level. Generators hold 400 units of energy and each bar represents 100 units.

In combat, your shields absorb all damage from incoming weapons fire. However, once a shield is depleted, any damage that would have been absorbed by that shield is taken by your ship and can result in systems damage. Damage always results in depletion of generator energy reserves.

As time progresses, your generator will attempt to recharge your shields and increase your energy reserves.  This may not be possible based on the various drains to your ships energy, including ships engines, weapons charging and successive damage sustained.

The Engine Speed and Weapons Status Display

On the bottom right you can see your Engine speed and Weapons status display.  Here you can set the speed of your ship and monitor the progress of your Weapons energy charge.

Weapons can only fire once charged.  The Fire Weapons button will stay dark until the Weapons are ready to fire.  Then, it will light up orange and allow you to fire at will.

Remember, Traveling at higher speeds and charging weapons will add energy drain to your generator.  This can be a problem if your generator is not at a high enough level to handle the load.  An upgraded Generator can help to solve this in the long run.


Your AP crew know every detail about your ship.  They’ve been maintaining it for years and they know how to get every ounce of performance out of it when necessary.

In Fact, if you assign them the task, they can rig the ship to over perform for short periods.  These over performance Rigs are called “Turbos” and they WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Each AP has her specialty:

Pilot: Speed Turbo – allows your ship to travel at nearly the speed of light without using the Witchspace Drive.  The number one tool for getting your ship out of a dangerous situation.

Weapons: Weapons Turbo – This turbo will instantly charge a weapon to full power.  No waiting.

Engineer: Energy Turbo – The energy turbo supercharges your generator, greatly enhancing it’s ability to replenish itself.  The turbo remains active until the energy cells are full.

NOTE: You can only maintain a maximum of 3 Turbos of each type.  You can check to see how many turbos you have available in the Commander Status View. ( Status button, planet side ) ( Cargo button in the cockpit ).

Surviving Combat

You can spend a lot of time building up your ship and gaining notoriety in the system.  All of that work can be dashed in an instant if you aren’t being careful when in combat.

The following points are in no particular order, but all of them can help you to live, even when outmatched.

  • Assess the tactical situation immediately.  As soon as the 3D radar appears, you need to determine if you are in a fight or not.  If so, you need to figure out if you are outmatched.  If you aren’t sure, the best thing to do is to turn away from any other ship, and get your ship up to maximum speed.  This will give you some distance and a little time to figure out what is going on.
  • Start your engine.  When the 3D radar view first appears, your ship is at a standstill.  Don’t just sit there and take a beating.  If you’re outgunned, RUN.  If you think you can take the other ship, attack.
  • Learn about other ships.  Often times, you will come across a battle already in progress between Cargo and Pirate ships.  However, you need to look over all of the ships in order to make that determination.
  • USE YOUR TURBOS.  Don’t wait too long to use any turbos you may have.  Better to use them, than to be dead and wonder why you didn’t.
  • Don’t be too proud to be a scavenger – If you come across a fight, you might want to stick around long enough to pick up some of the cargo from destroyed ships.  Just remember, once the pirates have finished with the Cargo ships, they’ll be commin after you.


Collecting Dropped Cargo

When a ship is destroyed, it often times will leave behind cargo canisters floating in space.  These canisters can contain raw materials AND finished goods.  You never know.

Your ship is equipped with a Tractor Beam that can be used to pull this cargo in.  The tractor has a limited range that can be extended with upgrades.

If you target a cargo canister and then fly very near to it. ( Right on top of it actually ) your Tractor beam will automatically engage and bring the cargo canister aboard.

Remember, the more you upgrade your Tractor Beam, the farther away it can snag cargo.


Combat is dangerous, but it can bring great rewards.  Learn to fight smart and you will one day be designated “ELITE”

1. If you decide to fight, one way to gain an advantage ,is to slow or stop your ship if the enemy is coming toward you.  This allows your generator to focus on increasing shields and charging your weapons.

2. Remember that you do MORE damage the closer the enemy is.  If you time your shots right, you can do more damage than the enemy per shot.

3. Rested APs add bonuses to your ship just by being on board.  Your Pilot can evade some damage if she is rested.  Your Engineer can help coax the generator to a slightly higher output if she is rested.  And your Weapons AP will help you to increase damage for every shot fired.

4. Take a few hits on one shield, and then flip your ship to take a few on the other.  If you can alternate your shield hits, you can last a lot longer in battle.

5. Fight if you can, Run if you must.  Dead is dead so don’t be a hero.


As of version 1.2 ( to be released in Jan of 2013 ), commanders will have at their disposal, the most deadly device known.  The energy bomb is a craftable item that, when used, will destroy all ships in the immediate vicinity.  Expensive to make, they should only be used in emergency situations.

The energy bomb button will show if you have energy bombs in your cargo hold.  the button will be placed at the bottom of the combat radar screen.