HELP – Ship Control Center and AP Commands

The control center is the center of the game.  This is the starting point whereby you access all other screens of the game.  

Imagine yourself in the cockpit of your ship. From here, you make all of the decisions that will progress you though the game.

There are 5 sections in this help topic.  

  • Your Crew
  • Advice
  • Buttons 
  • View Panels
  • AP Commands 

Your Crew

Pilot working on Speed Turbo, Combat making Fuel and Engineer working on the Generator.

Introducing your AP Crew:

Pilot – Your pilot is the short blonde AP in Pink and White.  She is able to create speed Turbos that will allow your ship to travel at nearly the speed of light.  This is very handy when you need to make an escape.  Your Pilot also helps you to take less damage in combat.  The higher her level, the more evasive your ship is in combat and therefore harder to damage. She is also responsible for creating parts and upgrades for the following systems.

  • Engine
  • Maneuvering Jets

Engineer – Black haired AP in red crew uniform.  She is able to create energy Turbos that will greatly increase your generator output in combat.  This can help you to recover from successive hits and allow you to run your ship at maximum speed while charging shields and weapons.  With your Engineer AP at a high level, your ships generator tends to regenerate slightly faster.  She is responsible for creating parts and upgrades for the following systems.

  • Generator
  • Tractor Beam

Combat – Your Combat AP is the brunette dressed in black.  She is able to create Weapon Turbos that will instantly re-energize your weapons.  This can allow you to fire off quick successive shots that can take your enemys systems down before they have a chance to recover.  Very effective for attacking.  With your combat AP at a high level, weapons do slightly more damage per shot.  Your Combat AP is responsible for creating parts and upgrades for the following ship systems:

  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Radar


Traveling through space is how you make things, make money, and complete missions.  You will need to get from one place to another, and doing so efficiently will help you to achieve your goals and keep you and your crew alive.

First, make sure each crew member has a task to complete.  If a crew member is idle, you are wasting an opportunity to make your ship better.  Start by making Speed, Weapon and Energy Turbos.  These will save your life in combat.

Second, learn how to Mine and get hold of some raw materials.  Mining is almost free money and having raw materials on board can give your AP crew the ability to make things you need from scratch.

Third, get your crew to create repair parts for your ship.  You always want to make sure that your systems are in good shape.  And extra repair parts can allow you to UPGRADE your ships systems.

Fourth, get your crew to create upgrades for your ship.  A ship with level 6 systems is a BEAST.  While a ship with level 1 parts is practically a floating target for any would be pirate.

NOTE: On HARD DIFFICULTY, your ship systems can only be upgraded to level 5.

Also, Keep an eye on your ship systems.  You never want one of your systems to completely break, so keep an eye on them as you travel.  Systems can break down during transit, but they will definitely be damaged during combat.  Usually as a result of being hit with weapons fire when one of your shields are down.

Finally, Check your Witchspace Drive Button.  Your Witchspace drive will AUTOMATICALLY be disengaged if you encounter another ship, if you stop to check your Nav Chart, or if you stop to view the current game status using the Cargo Button.  When you return to the Cockpit, you’ll need to Engage your Witchspace drive to get moving again.



Navigation Chart Button (Top Left) – This button will take you to the navigation chart.  The Navigation chart is used to set the ships current destination as well as gain information about the various Planets and Asteroids in the system.

Orbit Button (Top Left) – Located next to the Navigation Chart Button, this button becomes enabled when your ship gets close enough to begin orbit of a Planet or Asteroid.

If your destination is a Planet, pressing this button will put your ship in orbit around that planet and allow the player to interact with the planet.

If your destination is an Asteroid, this button will allow you to enter orbit around the asteroid and bring up the Mule Mining Console.  From there, you can drop your Mining Mule to the surface of the Asteroid and thereby, mine the Asteroid for materials.

AP Action Buttons (Center Left) – One button for each of your AP shipmates.  Pressing one of these buttons will bring up the AP Orders menu for that AP.  From that menu you can specify what that AP will be working on as you transit through space. For details on AP Actions, see the section below entitled “AP Commands”.

Your Witchspace Drive, disengaged. Also the Radar Button, Escape Hatch and Cargo Buttons.

Witchspace Drive Button (Bottom Center) – This button will engage or disengage the Witchspace drive of your ship.  Engaging the drive will turn this button blue and allow your ship to pass through space.  Disengaging the drive will effectively “Pause” the game as no real progress is made if the Witchspace drive is inactive.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your AP shipmates will not be able to proceed with their ordered activities if the Witchspace drive is off.  Your crew need the power derived from an active Witchspace drive in order to craft raw materials.

The Witchspace drive is automatically disengaged when other ships are encountered.

Radar Button (Center above Witchspace Drive Button) – This is the “COMBAT BUTTON”.  It is only active and enabled when you encounter other ships.  When that happens, it will be flashing, and pressing it will take you into the 3D Radar combat view.

Remember: the Witchpsace drive can only function when there are no other ships nearby.  Whenever you encounter other ships, the proximity warning light will flash along with the Radar Button.  You will have to enter the 3D Radar view and either destroy or get away from the other ships present.  Not all other ships will be hostile, so just running can often get you far enough away to continue with your Witchspace transit.

Escape Hatch (Bottom to the right of the Witchspace Drive Button) – This button will take you back to the Games Main Menu where you can start a new game.

Cargo Button (Right Side Center) – This button will take you to your commanders status view where you can view Game status that includes a view of all of your cargo onboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The list of Cargo in your hold is important.  From that list, you’ll be able to re-fuel ( if you have extra fuel ) and install any available ship upgrades.

Help Button (Top Center) – Well.  If you are reading this, I think you know what it does already.


View Panels

Destination and Range (Top Center) – This view shows you the name of your current destination and the range to your destination.  If you have not selected a destination, you can do so by pressing the Nav Chart button on the far top left of the screen. Generally, your ship will be able to orbit a Planet or Asteroid when it is less than 200 au in range.

Range to destination showing at the top. Destination Name below that. Whenever you are less than 200 au from your destination, you can Orbit.

Crafting Status View (Left Center) – Here you can monitor your AP crew as they complete the tasks you’ve assigned to them.  As the create new items, or process system repairs, a progress bar will expand from the left to the right.  When the bar makes it to the icon on the right, the task will be completed and the AP can be assigned to a new task.  The speed of progress depends on each of the AP s current energy level. A fresh AP will quickly complete tasks, one that is weary will work slowly.  You can view each APs level by pressing the “Cargo” button on the right side of the screen.  There you can see the status of each AP.  Giving an AP a vacation increases her level to maximum.

Pilot making Energy Turbo, Combat AP making Photonics for use in Weapons and Shields, and Engineer making an Energy Turbo.

Ship Status View (Left side bottom) – This view shows you all of the ships systems status.  Ships tend to break down as they travel through space.  Mechanical failures and damage from combat will slowly degrade each system.  If a system degrades completely, it will lose all of it’s upgrades and continue to run in emergency mode.

All systems are 100% here. But keep an eye on this display.

For example, a level 3 generator that degrades completely will then be broken and run as a level 1 generator until it is repaired and then upgraded.  Level one systems are designed for emergency use only and entering into combat with level one systems is a good way to get yourself killed.

Try to have your AP crew effect repairs on damaged systems before they break.  You will need to have the proper repair parts for each system on board, you can purchase these parts on various planets, or your AP crew can manufacture repair parts with the right materials.

Viewport (Center) – The windows to space.  If your ships Witchspace drive is engaged, you should see stars passing by.  When you get close to your destination, it will appear in front of your ship.


AP Commands

Your AP Crew will be the key to your success.  It is their abilities that will help you to win space battles, maintain your ship, and ultimately, create your permanent base.

Here, your Pilot is awaiting your orders. If you don’t have any resources available in your cargo bay, your Crafting and Repair options will be severely limited.

APs have 3 main activities that they can engage in.

1. Create a Turbo – Each AP has a specific type of Turbo that they can create.  Turbos allow your ship to briefly over perform in combat which will save your life on many occasions.  The AP can create a turbo anytime and Turbos don’t require any materials.  Note, you can only have a maximum of 3 turbos per type on normal difficulty.

NOTE: You can only have a maximum of 2 turbos per type on HARD DIFFICULTY.

2. Repair a ship system – If you have the spare parts available, your AP crew can be ordered to repair ship systems.  This is important if you want to be able to enhance your ship to it’s maximum capabilities.  And believe me, you do.

3. Crafting – Using raw materials your crew can create almost everything you need from scratch.  The crafting options you have for each AP will be limited by the raw materials you have in your Cargo hold.  If you don’t have anything, you won’t be able to craft anything.