There are a few experienced Captains out there.  Here is what they say about how to play “Witchspace 2”.

Captain SAL ( Miner / Trader )

“The best way to win is to survive long enough to even think about winning.

Always have all of your available turbos.  it is unacceptable behavior (not Captainly ) to not have all of the turbos at your disposal.  You WILL need them.

I consider myself a Miner / Trader of opportunity.

At the beginning of the game, you need money and resources.  Mining is a quick way to get both.  On the harder difficulty setting, Check your crafting catalog and find out what you need to make FUEL.  It runs low quick.

Stay out of combat at all costs until you have strong weapons.  I wait until I have level 4.  Reasonable men may differ, but I’m still alive.

When it comes to Mining, keep a log of successful drop ranges.  You’ll be glad you did.

If you have to fight, Get in close and keep your strongest shield toward the enemy.

Also, Find Marian’s Moon, or another Leisure planet.  These are lifesaving vacation spots that won’t bankrupt you.”


Commander “BlackCat” –


Captain “Roger Young” –

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